About Energie Service

Energie Service Laß Lüdeking GmbH is a fully independent consulting partner. We support our clients in all projects regarding the efficient and feasible production, distribution and smart consumption of energy.

Technical concepts
The team has vast experience as a specialist for decentralised energy and waste to energy solutions i.e. project development, permission processes, systems design, energy production and the optimisation of energy consumption. Our main areas of practise are combined heat&power (CHP), renewable energies and energy efficiency concepts.

Project Management
The team has successfully realised 30+ turnkey projects as project managers in the range of 1 million Euro to 100 million Euro CAPEX from 2004 to 2018.

We have closed project financing / restructuring agreements in the magnitude of approx. 300 million Euro over the last 15 years

During operations we can support in terms of organisation, monitoring, control and economic optimisation. In special situations (restructuring/crisis) we can provide interim management support on C-Level.

Energy sales / purchase
The team has managed an energy portfolio of approx. 500 GWh/a natural gas. We have acces to all major european trading desks with respective possibilities of purchasing large volumes of gas and electricity. We can also organise partnerships for marketing surplus power.