The share of renewable energies is Germany currently accounts for more than 30%. The german government still targets to increase this share to 35% in 2020 and 50% in 2030.

Although subsidies for renewable energies are severely reduced the target of an ecological energy mix in Germany remains unchanged.

The reduction oft he respective subsidies will most likely lead to a re-evaluation of projects wihtin the arena of renewable energies

The German government also expressively confirmed the important role of decentralised energy production by CHP solutions (combined heat&power)


The average primary savings from CHP in the UK in 2007 was around 18%, but savings under the current CHP schemes are more in the area of +25% with a well designed CHP-system. This in turn reduces cost and CO2 emissions.

Todays CHP systems are very flexible and can be tailored to the requirements of each individual site. It can be used across a wide range of sectors and can provide cost effective energy solutions for large and small energy users alike.

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