Your energy supply
is our commitment



We want our customers
to generate energy as sustainably and economically as possible.
Energy efficiency and resource conservation are our mission.

Our customers expect intelligent and field-tested solutions from us. The goals of reliability, sustainability and cost-effectiveness are in the foreground.

Energie Service Laß Lüdeking is completely independent of any supplier interests. There are no corporate links to potential suppliers. However, thanks to our many years of project experience, good supplier relationships are maintained with all relevant system providers and contractors/operators.

Our services for your energy supply

Innovative energy concepts, plant planning and implementation


We analyze the use of your energy and fuel. As part of the conceptual design, we examine whether and which changes in energy production will enable sustainable, safe and environmentally friendly energy production on your site.

During the rough and later detailed planning and their approval, we create the necessary technical framework. This also includes the creation of business plans, economic feasibility studies as well as the formulation and negotiation of corresponding contractual agreements.

We control tendering processes and ensure the professional implementation of your energy project.

If necessary, we can provide professional support in the context of project financing.

Certifications & Energy Management Systems


We analyze and optimize the use of energy and fuels. As part of certifications, we support the creation of management systems and auditing.

Saving measures are implemented by us. Services for our customers include energy audits, the implementation of energy management systems according to ISO 50001, risk management systems, risk assessments etc.


Acquisition and restructuring


We support acquisition and restructuring processes of power plant projects for investors and banks. We carry out technical and economic assessments
(due diligence) in the field of energy
.We also project manage the subsequent implementation. After completion of the transaction, we support the projects within the framework of supervisory mandates.

Demanding customers in Germany and Europe are

looking for resource-saving and economical solutions

for their energy supply.


Office buildings, shopping malls and hotels


Hospitals and care facilities


energy intensive industry


Finance, private equity

We provide comprehensive support in the development and implementation of your energy projects

Investors and project financiers use our many years of expertise in the acquisition, financing and restructuring of energy projects.

Selected references from our portfolio

Uniklinikum Hamburg Eppendorf

Expansion of the energy production with combined heat & power (CHP with absorption cooling)

Universität Freiburg

Future concept "Energy 2050" for the
Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg. Decarbonization of
energy supply of the university

DEKA Immobilien

Concepts for the decarbonization of
office complexes and shopping malls
at diverse locations in Germany

Herz- und Diabeteszentrum
Bad Oeynhausen

Renewal of the energy production with combined heat, power and cooling (CHP and absorption cooling)

Marienhospital Stuttgart

Future concept “Energy 2050”, formulation of a transformation concept for the
decarbonization of the energy production
of the Marien Hospital Stuttgart

Universitätsmedizin Rostock

Consulting, definition, implementation
of an energy management system,
energy audits

GEZE GmbH, Leonberg

Renewal of the energy production at the GEZE Headquarter at Leonberg with combined heat and power (CHP)

CITTI Park, Lübeck

Concept, planning, realization of
the energy production for a shopping mall
combined heat, power and cooling (CHP and absorption cooling)

BXR Partners, London

Valuation and restructuring of an
infrastructure project for the production of vegetable proteins

Kieler Stadtkloster,

Sustainable energy solutions for diverse
caring homes (old and new built)
large heat pumps and combined heat and power (CHP)

Württembergische Weingärtner Zentralgenossenschaft e.G Möglingen

Renewal of the energy and media production (CHP and low temp cooling ammonia)

AIP Kopenhagen

Advice to a Danisch pension fund regarding the
investment strategy for the energy sector
in Germany: “Decarbonization of
heat supply in Germany”

Rasselstein AG (Thyssen),

Concept, planning, construction and operation a plant for a thermal power using refuse derived fuels (RDF)
at the Thyssen site at Andernach

Zentrum für Psychiatrie

Renewal of the energy center for the psychological clinic in Emmendingen

Korn Recycling Albstadt

Project development and concept for a
thermal power station using refuse derived fuels (RDF)