In 2011 Horst Laß founded Energie Service Laß Lüdeking Gmbh together with his fellow partner Gerd Lüdeking.

Energie Service Laß Lüdeking has a long and successful track record in the energy and waste sector. The team around the founder Horst Laß was one of the pioneers in the field of decentralised energy production for hospitals and industrial applications in Germany.

Before founding Energie Service Horst Laß was CEO of GWE Group. In 2010 GWE Group was the leading independent contracting firm specialised on decentralised energy for the industry and health sector in Germany.

The aim of Energie Service is to develop flexible and higly feasible concepts for their customers to produce and or distribute energy in the most efficient possible way.

The team of Energie Service Laß Lüdeking offers professional services to industrial and financial customers from their headquarter in Freiburg and affiliated offices in Hamburg and Munich.